Sample of 30 icons with friendly and fun details in outline, filled, and brand color styles.

Pink Horizon - 2g


14,90 € / g

Der führende Strainhunter der Intergalaktischen-Cannabis-Föderation, n°face251, baute durch seine langjährigen Expeditionen durch die Galaxie die Freundschaft zu einer weit entfernten Spezies im Andromedanebel auf. Als Zeichen ihrer gemeinsamen Freundschaft schicken sie ihr Allerheiligstes einmal im Jahr zur Erde: Die königliche Pflanze Pink Horizon. Limitierte Edition.

Cannabinoide & Aroma

  • THC: < 0,2%
  • CBD: 4%
  • CBG: 3,4%
  • Aroma: zitrus / fruchtig

Herkunft & Zertifikat

Unser Lemon Kush wird biologisch in einer geprüften Nutzhanfplantage in Spanien angebaut. Das Zertifikat ist hier zu finden.

Teilen & Gewinnen

Unter allen Story-Markierungen verlosen wir monatlich 3× 10g. Mehrfachteilnahme nur mit zeitlichen Abständen von mind. 48 Std. möglich.

Customer Reviews

Emily Selman

5 out of 5 stars

This icon pack is just what I need for my latest project. There's an icon for just about anything I could ever need. Love the playful look!

Hector Gibbons

5 out of 5 stars

Blown away by how polished this icon pack is. Everything looks so consistent and each SVG is optimized out of the box so I can use it directly with confidence. It would take me several hours to create a single icon this good, so it's a steal at this price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What format are these icons?

The icons are in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) format. They can be imported into your design tool of choice and used directly in code.

Can I use the icons at different sizes?

Yes. The icons are drawn on a 24 x 24 pixel grid, but the icons can be scaled to different sizes as needed. We don't recommend going smaller than 20 x 20 or larger than 64 x 64 to retain legibility and visual balance.



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  • Make them your own. Change the colors to suit your project or brand.

What you can't do with it

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